Episode 69

Published on:

3rd May 2021

Ep. 69 A Good Poke

        Put yourself in this situation, you’ve busted your tail to save the money, you suffered through unsuccessful tag drawing after unsuccessful tag drawing, all while training to stay in shape to be able to chase an animal up and down a western mountain range and it finally happens. The stars align the heavens open and you draw that tag you've been working towards for years. You book the hunt and head west rifle in hand, but you’ve never fired your rifle beyond 200 yards. When the shot presents itself the closest you can get to your quarry is double or even triple that distance. What are you going to do? Do you shoot and hope you don’t miss or worse wound the animal and never find it? Well have no fear because I have the answer to that question. This week we are joined by Zach Darlington of Heartland Precision Rifles. Heartland Precision Rifles offers a wide variety of training to suit every level of experience and they have a class specifically designed for extended range game harvest and hunt prep so that when the opportunity presents itself you can squeeze the trigger with confidence not a hope and a prayer.

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