Episode 80

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19th Jul 2021

Ep. 80 Just A Regular Common Man

What is a common man? Merriam Webster defines common man as the undistinguished commoner lacking class or rank distinction or special attributes. But when it comes down to brass tacks the common man is responsible for making the world turn. The everyday American blue collar worker, the one who is up before the sun to work a day in it and then some. The backbone of modern society. America was founded on the backs of hardworking dedicated common men and women who sought to make a difference and break the molds of a classed society and create a structure where even the common man with a little work and determination could see themselves participating in activities only reserved for the wealthy in Europe. One of those such activities was hunting. So today we sat down with Jordan Spencer, a common man who has worked hard to earn his spot in the outdoors industry, to talk about his own brand bearing the namesake, Common Man Outdoors.

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Common Man Outdoors

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