Episode 85

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23rd Aug 2021

Ep. 85 The Plains of Africa

From the middle of the 19th century  missionaries, explorers and adventurers reported on their wanderings through Africa and a greater awareness of the richness of the African continent came to the fore. The first tourist safaris were hunting expeditions where hunters paid large sums of money to spend up to 3 months in Africa- being portered and pampered by a huge contingent of locals.  The safaris were charted by men like Hemingway and teddy Roosevelt and written about in books like The Green Hills of Africa and African Game Trails. The conservation ethic was born out of this period when far sighted individuals saw the need to protect the wildlife from mass extermination. The conservation work do in Africa is arguably more important today than it has ever been and to bring to light just exactly what conservation through hunting looks like in Africa and dispel some rumors surrounding big game hunting on the world's second largest continent we are joined by Robbie Kroger a South African native and Owner of Blood Origins and host of the Blood Origins podcast.

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